Physics in Correlated Electron Systems

We may be living in the golden age of the science of new materials. As elegantly described by one of the heroines of the field Nicola Spaldin, fundamental research
in Materials Science is a cornerstone of human progress. The good news is that nowadays we have unparalleled access to material synthesis methods, high-performance computing to aid the understanding of the phenomena that take place in the solid-state and new instruments to actually observe and make use of these phenomena.

The research I am involved in represents one path into a large field, collectively termed as Quantum Matter. The experiments described on this website investigate the different phases that come about in strongly correlated electron systems. Moreover, the competition between such phases and transitions from one phase to a different one add yet another piece to the puzzle. The obtained knowledge leads to progress from opening new pathways in understanding the complex materials to possibly one day leading to more effective functional devices.

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