Quantum Spin Liquid Fingerprints in a Semimetal

Our NMR study on doped spin liquid has now been published.

Quantum Spin Liquids are among the most exotic quantum states, with long-range quantum entanglement but no magnetic order. We have now shown that the magnetic correlations of the spin liquid survive even when an iridate spin liquid changes from an insulator to a semimetal.

Doping a spin liquid has been a goal ever since Anderson proposed it as a substrate for superconductivity, but until recently all attempts have led to localized electrons. The emergence of new Iridium-based spin liquids enabled crystals that can be seen as doped quantum spin liquids, but due to small samples, impurities and strong neutron absorption the magnetic properties have remained elusive. Here we solved the problem by using nuclei as probes for local magnetism. Using NMR we obtained intrinsic static and dynamic properties and found that the electronic bands are substantially modified by correlations. By contrasting the response of two different nuclei, we could pinpoint these correlations as survivals from the parent quantum spin liquid state.

To find out more, see our paper at Phys. Rev. B 103, L100404 (2021)

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